Results of the Household Bills Survey Revealed

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Household bills constitute some of our biggest living expenses but, across Great Britain, are we doing all we can to save money on our bills and are we as energy conscious as we should be?

NatWest recently released the results of their Household Bills Survey, which sought to find out just that, as well as looking into what the Great British public really think about their household bills in general.

The results revealed that, across Great Britain, households are missing out on opportunities to save on their household bills and nearly half of consumers feel that they are not doing enough to become energy efficient.

When it comes to saving money on household bills, almost a third of consumers admit to never comparing service suppliers to see who is offering the best deal, with those in London amongst the least likely to seek out a better deal.

Looking at energy, (gas and electricity) specifically, the results showed that 29% of consumers across Great Britain never shop around for a cheaper deal.

Where a large proportion of consumers are happy to stick with their current provider as opposed to shopping around for a better deal, the vast majority feel that they are energy conscious to some extent, though almost half are aware that they could be doing more.

To help improve energy efficiency, energy grants offered by the government, as well as some suppliers, may be available to some consumers; yet, the results of the survey revealed that awareness of such schemes is lacking.

One third of consumers aged 18-34 are unaware of the energy saving schemes that are available to help reduce bills and improve energy efficiency. Where it is the older generations that are most aware, 1 in 10 consumers over the age of 65 still remain unaware of such schemes.    

London is the region with the lowest percentage of consumers that claim to be ‘very familiar’ with energy saving schemes and perhaps, due to its large percentage of renters, they too have the lowest uptake of energy-saving measures and energy saving devices within the home compared to any other region in Great Britain.

Whether it be failing to shop around on our service providers or doing little to reduce our energy consumption, it appears as consumers we are missing out on opportunities to save money on our household bills. Though we are aware of our need to do more, perhaps greater awareness is needed of the help available to ensure that more of us are saving money on our bills in the future.

You can find more information and discover the full results of the survey here.