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Comparing the best broadband and tv deals online has never been easier than with Befuddled. Using our service you can search for and compare broadband and tv deals using our comparison tool, and save time and money versus going direct in the process.

TV is the most successful form of consumer electronics on the planet. Its success comes down to its simplicity; you press a button and it just works. In recent years, we have come to expect more from our television, including the ability to record and rewind our favourite shows, as well as view them in glorious HD. If your television experience is lacking, a digital TV service could be the ideal solution.

About Digital TV

Freeview and Freesat are fine for households that don’t watch much TV, but in order to record, rewind and replay TV shows, you will need a dedicated set-top box – these, naturally, can cost hundreds of pounds and especially those with a menu system that’s half decent (all brands of set top box have different menu systems).

If you want to have ultimate control over your television experience there’s simply no better way than to go with a paid digital TV subscription service. Paid digital TV services are amazing, and you can also bolt on hot packages, such as movies, sports, entertainment and HD channels.

The four biggest subscription-based digital TV providers are BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media. Our price comparison engine searches all four of these main services and offers up results based on the information you input. This will allow you to search for the cheapest digital TV deals near you.

Digital TV packages commonly come bundled with broadband and phone, or one or the other. If you’re moving into a new home this can be the perfect solution towards fulfilling all your digital needs.

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