Atlantic Electric and Gas

Atlantic Electric and GasThe team behind Atlantic Electric and Gas belongs to the larger organization, SSE, which is one of the largest energy suppliers in the United Kingdom. Formed back in December of 1998, SSE is also one of the longest standing energy providers in the UK. The company was formed after a merger between Scottish Hydro Electric and Southern Electric took place. SSE employs over 20,000 staff members running across several business groups which the company operates internally. The company is based on six core values, which they believe make them a top supplier, and a company which customers can rely on for energy services. These six core values are: 1. Safety – Everything done within the organization is done with safety in mind. The company believes that all accidents are avoidable , so they strive to do things safely, or they will not do them at all. 2. Service – They make commitments to deliver the highest level of service to all customers. In fact, the company strives to provide excellent customer service to all customers, and provide quality services they are proud of. 3. Efficiency – By doing work which adds value, SSE focuses on doing things the simple way. This avoids the waste of money, time, and energy by their employees. 4. Sustainability – With an approach to operate their business ethically, SSE takes a long term view for achieving positive growth, all while safeguarding the environment with the services which they provide to customers. 5. Excellence – The strive to be better, smarter, and more innovative, is behind everything done by the employees at SSE. The company strives to be the very best in everything they do. 6. Teamwork – The company values and supports all colleagues, enjoys working together, and building positive results for the company, as well as to their customers.