Better Energy

Better EnergySince 2011, Better Energy has been one of the newer providers supplying gas services to United Kingdom customers. Based out of Nottingham, the supplier initially offered gas services to customers in the Midlands area. However, today, they have expanded their operations providing gas services to customers residing all across England, Wales, and Scotland, making them one of the largest gas suppliers in the United Kingdom. The Better Energy team is licensed under OFGEM, which allows the company to provide gas services to residential, as well as commercial business customers, who choose their services. As an entirely independent energy company, Better Energy aims to provide customers with a simple and straightforward experience when they choose them for gas service needs. The company doesn’t use complex tariff rates, or engage in complex, confusing discount schemes, in order to try to attract customers; rather, they focus on straightforward pricing, great service, and low prices for residential and commercial business customers who rely on their service offerings. With a tagline of “Same energy, better price,” customers understand exactly what they are going to receive, and understand they can expect lower rates than what competitors in the same field would be charging for similar services provided by Better Energy. This tagline also shows customers that the company wants to keep their services as simplified as possible, does not want to engage in confusing tactics, and won’t try to draw in new clients with gimmicks or promotions offered by competitors in the same field. How exactly does Better Energy do this? The company provides all customers with one single unit rate for the gas services which they offer. This eliminates the confusion in pricing between business or residential customers, and makes their billing scheme extremely simple for everyone to understand. In comparison to other “big six” energy suppliers, Better Energy maintains much lower overhead operation schemes, which allows them to pass on the savings to their customers. The company is happy because it is less costly to run their business, and customers are happy because they pay a lower price for great services. As Better Energy only provides email tariffs, new customers who would like to sign up for energy services with the supplier, is going to have to provide an email address online to register for services as a new customer. If you are ready for better service and better pricing, click this link to see the competitive rates offered by Better Energy.