British Gas

British GasBritish Gas is not only one of the Big Six energy providers, but also the largest supplier of gas in the United Kingdom. The companies serve almost eleven million energy customers at the domestic level throughout the country. British New Heating Limited and British Gas service Limited are two branches of Centrica. Centrica is a UK firm included in the FTSE 100 list and operates mainly in Britain, North America and Ireland. The companies treats customers the highest esteem in all their operations. British gas aims to be the leader in the energy industry by providing integrated services such as:

Sourcing energy

The company aims to find gas and oil, from any part of the world.

Energy generation

British gas is dedicated to develop renewable energy through wind farms, gas fired and nuclear power stations.

Processing energy

The companies have a lot of onshore gas stations. This ensures that high quality gas goes into the transmission system effectively.

Energy storage

Centrica have the biggest gas storage facility in the United Kingdom at Rough.

Trading in energy

The main goal of the company is to ensure that all its customers in British and North America market are sufficient in energy.

Supplying energy

The companies trade by supplying businesses and homes in USA, UK and Ireland with energy.

Energy servicing

Centrica offer boiler cooling and heating maintenance and breakdown cover products.

Save energy

The companies aim to motivate customers to save more energy. This is why customers are provided with services and products to help them engage in energy efficient practices.

Awards and British Gas App

The British Gas was awarded the ‘best e-commerce utility supplier’ in 2013 for its excellence in the energy industry. It is also estimated that a million customers have already downloaded the company highly rated mobile application. This is an app developed to help gas customers be able to view all the aspects of their accounts in a convenient and an easy way. In addition, one million and two hundred customers have reserved their annual service and more than 40 percent of the bills are sent electronically.

Reward to customers

As a gift, customers are given Nectar Points by the company. The customers have the opportunity to spend the points in retail stores such as Sainsbury’s, Argos or Home base.