Co-operative Energy

Co-operative EnergyFounded by the Mid-Countries cooperative, the largest in the UK, the company was founded in 2010 in an attempt to provide all the UK with a company which is wholly owned by the customer. This makes them different from the “big six” which has monopolised energy in the UK for so long, and wholly owned by shareholders. Since it is fully owned by customers, all profits made by the company are shared with the customer; in fact, they are paid out twice a year by Co-Operative Energy. Fair, transparent, Eco-friendly, ethical, and straightforward, are a few of the values which the company prides itself on. By aiming to provide electricity and gas to customers, which contains less than half the carbon content on national average, is something which makes the company one customers can rely on. By ensuring energy is low carbon, a renewable source, and doesn’t use coal in production, all electricity provided by the company is far lower than the national average. Customers can rely on the claims which are made by Co-Operative, and receiving the profits in return, is something which provides customers a sense of belief in the company as well. By telling customers they aren’t looking for a quick sale, but rather wish to produce a long standing relationship with customers, they strive to win customers over for the long term, rather than short term returns, which is what the “big six” energy companies strive to do. Further, the company strives to provide the lowest prices to customers on a regular basis, guaranteeing they will never overpay on energy consumption and use. If you are interested in learning more about Co-Operative, you can do so on this site. Click here to find out what the current tariffs are, and to learn more about the services which are offered by this consumer owned company.