DaligasDaligas is a newly and privately owned company that specializes in the supply of commercial and domestic gas. The company was founded by individuals with experience in the energy sector accumulating up to 220 years. The company is guided by principles of supplying affordable gases to consumers in an efficient and reliable manner that suits the customer needs. With a reliable customer care service, customers can expect a service of the highest quality possible. Business models developed by Daligas have already experienced a wide success across various countries in Europe. The Daligas business model is designed to offer low cost fixed prices of gases, cheap operating costs and a direct means of communicating with their clients. This model coupled with an advanced computer system well equipped to handle customers’ needs ensure customers can only expect a high-quality service over the years. Before joining the British Market, Daligas performed an extensive study on the issue consumers in the British market faced. The results of our study were compared to issues from the Big Six enabling us to develop following strategy: A very simple pricing structure that caters to customer needs An elaborate relationship between the Daligas Company and its clients aimed at offering best services. The relationship is based on mutual trust and openness which has seen the company have an excellent relationship with its clients over the years. A reliable customer care support that continually informs users on all changes related to the gas market. The client support team communicates with customers in a friendly manner. Daligas uses the Budget Billing Plan BBP for every household o get an average expenditure of every household on a monthly basis. The 12 equal monthly payments is a great way for customers to pay as usage differs during winter months when most people tend to use more gas.