E.OnE.ON Energy is among the top six energy providers in the UK. E.ON Energy was PowerGen in the past. A German-based international company invests in energy and E.ON Energy is part of the Energy Company. E.ON Energy is very popular in UK being the second largest electricity supplier in the UK. E.ON is generating energy from renewable sources. They are currently working on making improvements to their coal, oiled-fired power stations, and gas. E.ON owns more than 20 wind farms, a power generator in Britain and a Lockerbie plant based on biomass. Their works speak on their behalf. E.ON is working on improving how the public views them and regain the trust customers have on them. Maintaining already existing customers is a task E.ON needs to work on. They will achieve this by treating their customers better and offer their products at a cheaper price. They will achieve this by changing how they relate to their clients. E.ON would want to be friendlier, offer quality service, and maintain professionalism in their dealings. They need to cut down on costs and acknowledge that their customers spend many of their resources on energy. Creating a good customer service will reflect a better image on the E.ON Energy Company. Customer satisfaction leads to more trust. E.ON has plans to help their customers in their homes by improving the efficiency of their services. This will reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted in homes. This is by E.ON investment in new technologies for their products and offering financial support to their customers. E. ON has started on the installation of over 300,000 meters and the issuance of more than 600,000 saving energy toolkit to their clients. This will help improve energy efficiency in the UK.