EbicoEbico which stands for Equitable Billing Company is the only UK non-profit supplier of energy. founded in 1988, Ebico strives to use their status as a national UK company to provide a fair and better deal to the British public while enhancing their ethical goals. For over fifteen years, Ebico has been playing a big role and making a difference not only to UK low income households, but also the entire globe. As its name suggests Ebico are at the forefront of providing fair energy prices across the UK. Currently, over 50000 households have switched to Ebico’s fair energy tariff. Ebico has partnered with the University Of Oxford Institute Of Environmental Change and have managed to provide Ebico clients with an efficient energy monitoring tool, the Ebico iMeasure. this device, which is provided free of charge plays a crucial role in helping Ebico customers reduce carbon emissions, save energy and facilitate advanced research in energy. As one of the smallest suppliers of energy in the United Kingdom, Ebico offers all their customers with a one energy rate policy. This is because Ebico’s core principle is the belief that energy prices should be simple and straight forward to prevent customer confusion on what to select. They do not have standing energy charges, a lesser unit charge for above average energy consumers, or cancellation fees. It is strictly a one unit rate for all with no additional costs. Even though Ebico is a non-profit energy company, they have to generate enough revenue to cater for their overhead costs like salaries and operational costs. Any surplus generated is directed to the Ebico Trust for Sustainable Development. This trust is mandated to seek ways to alleviate and fight fuel poverty in the UK using ethical means,