EcotricityEcotricity, a small eco-friendly energy supplier company, that is based in Britain, was founded in 1995. One year later, in 1996, the company offered green electricity not just in Britain, but all around the world; the year that began to source it’s electricity from a wind power. By 2010 the company introduced green gas (currently only 2% green), which is actually generated through food waste. It was indeed a revolutionary idea for the time, for a company to make it’s own gas and put it also into the national gas grid. The company uses a unique process, the “Bills into Mills”, by which they use their customers’ energy bills to fund new windmills of new sources of green energy. Moreover, all of their profits are invested in their mission, which is to change the way the electricity is made and used in Britain. Actually, electricity in the country is the biggest single source of carbon emissions (30%), but not the only one. There is also transport and food, accounting for 80% of all carbon footprints, where energy plays the most important role among them. Ecotricity is actually trying to find a way to cut down carbon emissions in transportation and food in the country. For example, in Transport they made the “Nemesis”, the first electric super car, in order to demonstrate that cars in the future could actually be wind powered. But this wasn’t just enough for them. So they went further and they started the world’s first national network of changing stations. In addition, they are developing, but not finished yet, a wind powered tractor, as well as other farm energy concepts. When it comes to green energy, Ecotricity is the company that leads the way. A company that visions a Green Britain, a place where people could live more sustainable lives, where energy will come from the sun, the wind and the sea, and where ethical businesses won’t pursue profit.