EDF Energy

EDF EnergyAs a subsidiary of EDF Group, EDF Energy is one of the largest companies in Europe, providing energy services to customers living and working in France. Short for Electricite de France, the company is currently based in Paris, France, providing energy services to a vast list of customers in the country. EDF Energy expanded its services and was introduced to Britain in 2003, although the company had been involved in investments and different projects in the UK since 1998. The results of a number of mergers and acquisitions came from: SEEBOARD, The Virgin Energy Company, London Electricity, and SWEB Energy companies. EDF Energy is known as one of the “Big Six” energy suppliers in the United Kingdom, meaning they provide services to an expansive list of customers throughout the UK. Over six million consumers in the country rely on EDF for their energy services, making them one of the most trusted and relied upon for energy service needs. In fact, one fifth of the UK’s electricity, coming from a variety of sources, is produced and supplied by EDF Energy. Of the sources producing energy for EDF includes: wind farms, heat and power plants, alongside other more traditional methods of energy production, for the millions of customers relying on the company for energy needs. In the United Kingdom, EDF Energy currently operates a total of eight power plants. This in turn makes the company the largest, low-carbon producing energy supplier in the country. As of January 2015, the company reduced their pricing schemes, to provide customers with more affordable rates for their energy service needs. This made EDF Energy the last of the “Big Six” suppliers, to bring their rates down, in order to provide more competitive rates to their over six million customers, and in order to maintain a level of competition with the other suppliers in the category. The company was able to lower current prices for energy due to the decrease in wholesale gas prices which occurred at the later end of 2014, in turn allowing them to produce energy at a lower rate, and pass the savings on down to their customers in the UK. With services offered to both residential and commercial businesses, EDF Energy is one of the most heavily relied upon energy suppliers in the UK. Click on this link to find out more about energy services, and to find out how competitive the rates truly are, in comparison to other “Big Six” suppliers in the UK.