First Utility

First UtilityFirst Utility was founded in 2008. Since then, the company has been one of the fastest growing energy suppliers in the United Kingdom. With the belief that Britain’s energy production services were “old fashioned, the monopolised, and slow production” the company was developed. They were a company which was built around the premise of providing energy for the customer who was tired of the “big six” and their dated energy production services. The end result was a “cheaper and smarter more efficient” option for customers in search of a new energy supplier in the United Kingdom. According to Telegraph, the company is a smaller supplier that is making huge waves in the UK marketplace. In August of 2014, the company also became the first company working as an independent supplier to surpass the one million mark, with over one million open accounts and customers choosing them as their premier energy supplier in the UK. The company is currently campaigning for the faster switching times, to provide consumers with cleaner, more efficient energy sources, all for a lower price to the end consumer. The team at First Utility makes claims that it offers permanently low priced tariffs to its customers. This, along with the iSave Everyday, which is backed by a price promise to its customers, is a way to ensure the lowest pricing to energy customers. And, this ensures their pricing is always going to be below that offered by the “big six” energy companies in the United Kingdom, offering the dated, old fashioned energy to its customers. With lower tariffs than all “big six” suppliers, customers can expect lower rates, and more efficient energy production when they rely on First Utility for their energy service needs.