Flow Energy

Flow EnergyLaunched in April of 2013, Flow Energy is a relatively new company to enter the energy production market in the UK. The company is based out of Ipwich, and consider themselves to be an energy technology company. The company also has research and development facilities which are located in Capenhurst, which is situated nearby to Chester. The company was quickly able to attract just over 30,000 customers, due to the extremely low and competitive rates which they offered to customers in search of energy and gas services. The launch of the Flow boiler was made by the company earlier this year in January of 2015. The company has taken a pride in building itself as a completely new energy company and supplier, and have empowered their customers to generate their own energy. This creation of new energy is to be done by the unique, energy generating, Flow Boiler. With an aim to create a nation which is operated by energy generators, Flow Energy is looking to create a new means of energy production. Their hope is that every customer produces their own energy, resulting in the reduction of carbon emissions in the country, all while helping customers save on the cost of the energy bills they will be paying. Flow Energy boasts a “simpler” energy experience to customers. The company does this by offering a single, fixed rate plan, for all customers who choose their service offerings. Further, the company only offers their services as a direct debit plan, and only offers paperless billing to their customers, in an attempt to further help improve the manner in which energy is consumed in the UK.