GlideAs an energy and telecommunications company, GLIDE specialises in providing tenants, landlords, property developers, and letting agents in the UK, with reliable, affordable services. The company provides a number of services to this vast consumer base; some of these services include: supplying gas, water, electricity, phone lines, broadband, and even TV licenses to their customers. The company was founded back in 2006, with a mission to deliver a simple, low cost monthly bill to their customers. This was for those tenants looking to pay their share, rather than having to pay for that of other consumers in the same facilities as they were in. One such example were university students hoping to pay one bill, and slit the cost of all living expenses in one bill, rather than receiving several each month. Glide was created with people in similar situations in mind, to provide low cost, quality services, to their customer base in the United Kingdom. By splitting bills evenly, there is no more need for bickering with housemates, or arguing with roommates over an unpaid portion of a bill. Describing themselves as a “close knit team” Glide strives to do anything possible, to provide customers a low price solution, all while allowing customers to do more, and use more in their home. Glide was ranked as the 95th of the fastest growing companies list in the Sunday Times. This should give their customers a positive impression, and shows that the company has far more to offer customers, for a low monthly price, than competitors who offer similar services. Regardless of the rate you currently pay, Glide can help bring down the monthly cost of several expenses you share in a home.