Good Energy

Good EnergyGood Energy is one of the best renewable energy companies found in Wiltshire area. The company was founded in the year 1997 in response to the continued climate changes experienced worldwide. It was the first company to be fully incorporated as a renewable electricity supplier in the Wiltshire area. The company has experienced a steady growth over the past few years and now supplies over 40,000 households with renewable energy sources. The Company gets its power supply from over the 500 renewable generators that have been spread all over the United Kingdom. With a wind farm based in Delabole North Cornwall, the company can be relied upon to supply continuous renewable energy that meets the needs of its customers. Some of the renewable energy sources include wave power, hydro energy, solar energy and the energy from the wind. Most of their operations have thrived due to their openness and transparency principles that have been incorporated over the years. Simplicity is one feature that distinguishes them from the rest. They believe the energy industry must remain simple and accessible to every household. Good Energy believes in a continuous supply of renewables over the years. They produce an extra one unit of energy from every unit consumed by the customers. This way, 100% of the energy consumed by their clients over the year is matched by the energy from over their 500 renewable generators. Energy produced by the Good Energy usually depends on the climate. With an experienced trading team forecasting on renewable energy technologies, they are capable of calculating an estimate of their average energy production on a daily basis. They sell excess energies produced on days with good weathers to the energy market. The energy sold is put into the National Grid. When they have a shortage, the buy from the energy market ensuring their customers are always supplied with electricity. This ensures their customers have a constant supply of energy no matter the supply from their generators. They assure their clients that al energy used is matched by the renewable energy from their generators.