Green Energy UK

Green Energy UKThe team behind Green Energy UK doesn’t strive to compete with the “big six” nor do they strive to be the largest energy supplier in the UK. Rather, their mission is to get consumers in Britain to use a more renewable source of energy in the home or in their business. To the company, “green” energy isn’t an alternative; rather, the company believes it should be the first, and only choice, in energy for everyone looking for a new energy supplier. With an aim to make “being green” mainstream, the company’s mission and goals are admirable to say the least. Their prices are extremely competitive. Not only are they competitive in the “green” energy market, but also with comparable energy suppliers, as well as the “big six” suppliers in the UK. Further, Green Energy UK is the first and only provider in the UK, to provide their customers with free shares in the company name. With this, customers can make suggestions at any time, so that they can help the company grow, and see the changes they want as shareholders. The customers can also attend the AGM, attend meetings, and put in suggestions to the board, to see changes being made, when they are not happy with how the organization is running. Green Energy UK allows customers to become shareholders for no cost; further, they ask their customers to join in their mission , and help create an environmentally form of sustainable energy throughout the UK. With a larger customer base, this mission is becoming more and more a reality in recent years.