Green Star Energy

Green Star EnergyPart of the Just Green Energy Group which began trading in Canada in 1997, the Green Star Energy group was recently launched back in 2013. The company provides electricity and natural gas services to clients in the residential sector in the UK. Working through sister brand, Hudson Energy, they are able to provide services to the business sector as well. For residential customers who are in search of a fresh new way to receive natural gas and electric services, Green Star Energy has developed a unique new method of providing these services to their customer base. For British households in the UK, you will receive straightforward options to choose from with no hidden fees or tariffs behind the different services which you can choose from. Customers can opt for fixed or variable rate programmes, as Green Star thrives to provide high quality services, superior service, all while offering competitive rates to their customer base in the UK. There are no long winded IVRs to deal with. You have one option, and are then pushed through to the Milton Keyes customer support team, to help you with finalising the process. Further, the wait time for support calls is typically less than one minute, so you will never sit on hold all day long as is the case with other companies. With simple bills, it is clear exactly what you are spending, and if you ever have any questions, the support team is always available to answer them, and to walk you through your bills, so that you know the answers to any questions which you might have about your services, or the rate which you are paying for such services through Green Star Energy.