isupplyenergyiSupplyEnergy was introduced to the British market. The company is British owned, and they are an independently owned company which has its headquarter offices in Dorset. With an aim to revolutionise the market, and help rebuild trust in an industry that has lost so much over the years, the company is providing affordable energy sources to customers throughout the UK. iSupplyEnergy has one focal purpose in mind when it comes to providing energy, and that goal is to put the customer back in charge. This allows the customer to decide how they buy and pay for energy , and revolutionises the entire energy industry as a whole. What exactly does this mean? Well, the company won’t promote any confusing discounts or sales trying to get new customers to choose them for services. There won’t be complex and confusing cash back offers or rebates to send in. Rather, they have a central focus of providing simple, low priced services, to every customer who chooses them as their energy supplier in the UK. When you choose iSupplyenergy, you are also getting a promise from them that if the wholesale rates of energy do go down in the market, your rates as a customer are soon to follow and you should notice a decrease in the cost of your energy bill each month as well. Offering the highest quality customer support team to assist customers, and using technology as opposed to call centres, allows them to provide excellent services and assistance, regardless of when the customer needs it.