LoCO2 Energy

LoCO2 EnergyStarted in 2009, LoCO2 is a renewable energy independent supplier that offers sustainable energy at a much more sensible rate. LoCO2 energy has several price tariffs ranging from ‘planet’, 100% green energy to ‘pocket’, and their price conscious tariff which has 20% renewable energy. The TLS private energy group that was established in 1997 owns LoCO2 energy and other associated companies. With a vertical integrated energy business model, TLC also owns several hydro power generation plants and offers commercial services to other independent renewable energy generating companies. This means that LoCO2 energy customers will benefit from a team of professional, knowledgeable and experienced staff in the electricity and renewable energy sectors. As a small supplier in the UK energy market, LoCO2 energy has an in house customer service team that strives to respond to all customer need in a friendly and professional way. The energy supplier currently serves more than 8000 domestic energy users in the United Kingdom.