M&S Energy

M&S EnergySupplied through SSE, M&S Energy is a UK based energy supplier. The company aims to provide an honest, straight-forward approach to providing high quality energy services to their customer base. Going through SSE, a name which they already trust as a supplier, customers can rely on the high quality services which are offered when they choose M&S Energy as their supplier. M&S Energy chose to partner up with SSE, because of the fact that they are a “big six” energy supplier, but also because of their solid reputation, and the great service and support the company offers to their customer base. With a commitment to generate a renewable energy source, and the effort which is made to help cut the carbon emissions, SSE is a step above all other “big six” suppliers in the UK. Working with them, M&S Energy can provide customers with great energy and gas services, all for a more affordable rate than other competitors in the industry. Only two tariff rates are offered to customers, as M&S Energy is trying to provide the most straightforward pricing scheme possible to those who choose them for services. Customers can choose between the Standard energy or the Fixed rate energy plan which is available through M&S Energy. Up to 40 M&S vouchers are offered to customers who switch over to the company for services.