OVO Energy

OVO EnergyFounded in 2009, OVO Energy remains one of the biggest energy supplier companies in the United Kingdom. The company was founded by Stephen Fitzpatrick, who had no knowledge of the energy sector. With a vision of how the energy supplier market should be, he created the company to what we have come to know today. OVO Energy operates on unique strategies that keep a keen eye on the price changes in the market. They buy when the prices are down enabling them to supply their customers with energy at the best rates. The OVO Company is all about an excellent customer service and not profit. They even take some of their savings back to their customers just to ensure they have the best service possible. OVO rewards customers with credits with a 3% Interest Reward. The reward is paid on the credit balances of their clients. They have one of the simplest tariffs in the market. 33% of their energy supply is renewable energy that they continually maintain by giving an extra 100 % renewable energy for a single unit of renewable energy bought from them. This way, OVO plays a significant role in keeping the environment clean for generations to come. They have participated in several social activities helping bring a positive impact to the community. They have the OVO foundation that allows their customers to make contributions. The OVO Company will then match the contributions and use the money to tackle various issues in the environment. They also help eradicate homelessness and poverty among the youths. The company has played a significant role in halting deforestation cases within the UK. Through their Cool Earth Mission, the Company has put local people in charge of forests helping prevent unnecessary tree logging. The OVO Foundation has generated over 1.4 million which has gone to create a positive impact on environmental conservation across the world.