Scottish Hydro

Scottish HydroSince 1947, Scottish Hydro has been providing Scotland customers with energy services. In 1998, the merger with Southern Electric changed the name to Scottish Southern Electric, or SSE. As one of the “big six” energy suppliers today, SSE currently supplies energy services to more than eight million customers in Britain. The company is also the largest developer of sustainable energy in the UK. With over 1450 MW of hydro generation as well as 840 MW of wind capacity, the company currently has more on and offshore facilities in development. The team at Scottish Hydro (SSE) has focused on six core values to provide excellent services to customers; these six values include: 1. Safety – The company has a belief that any accident can be avoided. So, anything they do, and any service they offer to customers, is something which is done safely, or they do not engage in the activity at all. 2. Services – The company only provides services they are proud to offer. Further, they only make guarantees and commitments which they are going to be able to deliver on to their customers. 3. Efficiency – By keeping things simple, the team at SSE adds value to all work done, avoids waste, avoids losing time on projects, and avoids the waste of materials. 4. Sustainability – By taking a long term approach to sustain the environment, the company has a focus on doing what is right. They take the approach of working ethically to deliver and develop the highest quality services to their over eight million customers. 5. Excellent – The company strives to become more innovative, continually get better, and always produce the highest quality products available. 6. Teamwork – With a focus on working together and valuing team building, the company is able to provide better service, all while valuing colleagues, and working to provide excellent services.