Spark Energy

Spark EnergySpark Energy entered the UK market as an energy provider in January of 2007. The company is based out of Selkirk, which is situated along the Scottish borders. The company has a background in letting, which means they specialise in energy contracts with landlords, with management firms, and with tenants who rent properties out. In recent years however, the company has also begun to provide tariffs to home owners looking for a new energy supplier as well. Spark Energy has a mission to provide customers with an alternative to the “big six” when it comes to choosing an energy provider. The company strives to provide the best customer service, green energy, new innovative solutions, as well as the lowest prices on the market. At the present time the company currently employs over 200 staff members, and has provided energy services to more than 300,000 customers since they opened their doors. With a turnover of more than 80,000,000, the company is one of the largest service providers in the UK. The company provides customers with smart energy meters which include in home usage displays. By setting a challenge target to be all customers with renewable energy, the company has taken on a major task of providing services to their customer base. At the present time only about 10% of renewable energy is used by Spark Energy, but believe that renewable energy is the way to go,and strive to be able to provide 100% within the near future to their customers.