SSESSE is a British energy company, which is among the Big Six established in December 1998. It earned this position through a merger involving a Scottish company once called the North of Scotland Hydroelectric Board set up in 1943. It was meant to manage projects in hydroelectricity. The second company was Southern Electricity Board, which specialized in the distribution of electricity. Later these two companies changed their names to Scottish Hydroelectric and Southern Electric. It then acquired SWALEC and Atlantic in August 2000 and April 2004 respectively. Its headquarters is located in Perth allowing it to offers services in the whole of Ireland and the entire United Kingdom. SSE generates and supplies its electricity it also takes part in other energy-related services that include metering, storing of gas and many more. SSE ranks second as a supplier of both electricity and natural gas all over the United Kingdom. It also offers the alternative source of renewable energy. It has interests of up to 50% in Scotia Gas, which is also the owner of Southern Gas Networks as well as Scotland Gas Networks. Here SSE offers commercial and management services. SSE has a broad market base of customers. It supplies gas, electricity and other energy related services to homes in the East Midland, West Midlands hence covering most parts of Midlands. It also distributes energy products and services in Northwest, North East, and Yorkshire Electricity regions. SSE is prominent when it comes to this field energy. It generates, transmits, distribute and supply electricity to different areas. It has also specialized in other energy-based services such as gas storage and supply making it a very respectable company. It was the first energy providing company to be given an awarded with the Fair Tax Mark, which is usually granted to businesses that are transparent with their tax affairs.