Utilita In response to the Energy White Paper of 2001, Utilita was a company which was founded in 2003. Focus behind the founding was: security of supply, the climate change issues, an aging infrastructure and fuel poverty. The company had an aim to get customers to use less energy under the belief that this was the most efficient way to resolve the problems. Utilita is the first energy supplier which has a central focus of providing prepayment services to their customers. They maintain competitive tariff rates and continually develop pay as you go meters, so customers know exactly what they are using, and what they are paying for. At the present time, Utilita can only provide services to a limited area. Among the service areas are: Norweb, Northern, Midlands, Manweb, Southern, London, Seeoboard, Eastern and Yorkshire. The company does have a final goal of being able to provide energy to all UK customers within the coming years however. In fact, in May of 2014, the company passed the mark of 100,000 customers throughout these service regions they currently provide energy and gas services to. The new secure handset was also launched by Utilita in 2014, providing a metering technology to their customers. With a simple to use touchscreen interface, allowing customers to adapt energy use and consumption , customers have the power not only to become more energy efficient, but also to save on the total cost of energy as well. By changing habits, customers have the ability to reduce their monthly bills with Utilita.