Utility Warehouse

Utility WarehouseTelecom Plus is the company which is behind Utility Warehouse, which was founded by the company in 1996. They had a mission to provide customers with an alternative means to saving money on landline phone services which were used in the home. In November of 2013, Telecom Plus entered an agreement with power to purchase the “big six” supplier subsidiaries. This not only allowed them to grow their service base, but also to provide additional services to the customers who were looking for a new energy or a new gas supplier in the UK. This transition was accomplished and became known as Gas Plus and Electricity Plus. Under this new move, a total of about 770,000 customers were moved to the Utility Warehouse name. Under Utility Warehouse, homes were being provided energy services as well as gas services by the new company which was created under the acquisition. In addition to giving UK customers an additional option in terms of energy and gas suppliers, it also made Utility Warehouse one of the largest companies and suppliers in the United Kingdom. In fact, it made Utility Warehouse the seventh largest supplier in the United Kingdom, with the acquisition of the customers who were previously under contract with one of the “big six suppliers.” Back in 2006 the Utility Warehouse had sold its subsidiaries in energy to nPower. nPower was originally established as National Power back in 1990 when the company was founded. This occurred after the privatisation of the state which was owned by the Central Electricity Generating Board. Today, nPower is owned by the RWE Group and is one of the largest suppliers for energy and gas. This company further incorporates the leading gas companies and electricity companies in Germany, providing services to a broad range of customers who are looking for affordable energy and gas services in the home.