Woodland Trust Energy

Woodland Trust EnergyWoodland Trust Energy aims to provide it’s customers with energy that is both cheaper and greener. It was launched in April 2013 and has been helping people save money and the environment ever since. Woodland Trust Energy was created to help protect the woodland of the United Kingdom and so far, they have been fulfilling their purpose with an average yearly savings of one hundred and forty three pounds. Woodland Trust Energy guarantees that not only do you save money, but trees and wildlife as well. Woodland Trust Energy is run by the innovative suppliers of green gas and energy called Ovo energy. Ovo aims to provide cheaper and greener energy to houses in the United Kingdom. Ovo Energy promises that for every customer that switches to Woodland Trust Energy, they will donate to the trust, which is a charity that aims to conserve the woodlands. Ovo Energy’s representatives have said that they do this in the hopes that they can assist in the protection and creation of the woodlands in the United Kingdom. Like Woodland Trust, Ovo is determined to provide green energy without a high price attached or overwhelming complications. Ovo Energy hopes to make the process of switching to green energy as simple as possible. Woodland Trust energy has two simple tariffs. These tariffs both have a fixed price for twelve months. One of the tariffs are based on fifteen percent renewable energy. This tariff is based on the New Energy plan. The second plan offers one hundred percent renewable energy and is based on the Green Energy Plan. Both of the Green and New Energy Plans also promise customer service based in the United Kingdom, up to three percent rewards in interest and offers direct debit payments. Woodland Trust is determined to help their customers make a difference in the environment, without having to pay extra for it.