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Enjoy more apps compared to any other smartphone.

Own a sophisticated gadget, from first glance to optimal usage with its premium build and unmistakable iPhone quality. Apple offers exclusive features and an extensive range of applications for work or play, and the best part- most can be downloaded for free!

Excellent Design

The Apple iPhone has garnered awards for the elegant style and ergonomic feel imbued in its design.

Ease of Use

Some phones take some time to get used to and navigating can be confounding. The Apple iOS operating system makes the distinction with ts intuitiveness and user-friendly interface.

Premium Quality

iPhones are remarkable for exhibiting a premium build with a stellar quality that you can see and feel, like aluminium and Gorilla Glass material rather than plastic construction some phones have been manufactured with.


The famous intelligent personal assistant, Siri, makes life easier and is regarded as one of the best voice commands app today.

iSight Camera

The latest iPhones feature a rear-facing camera with upgraded light capture capabilities that’s combined with a suite of photo and video effects, including a slow-motion mode, image stabilisation, and intelligent burst mode.

iPhone Models – Spot the Difference

Looking back at the launch of the first ever iPhone, every year thereafter presented the world with an updated model. Discover the differences between the releases and each edition’s own key specifications.

iPhone 5

September 14, 2012, marks the release of the iPhone 5 in the UK, the very same model thought to be the last model containing an input from Apple’s late co-founder but always remembered, Steve Jobs.

The fifth-generation revolutionised the design of both the iPhone 4 and 4S into a thinner and lighter casing crafted from anodised aluminium. The screen size was also increased to four inches.

It has the iSight camera, an 8-pin Lightning dock connector, a powerful A6 processor, and offered 4G LTE support. It’s the first of the iPhones to do so, which paved the way to incredibly fast browsing and downloading to the Apple iPhone user’s delight.

iPhone 5S

The iPhone 5S presented the first biometric security on the Apple device featuring a Touch ID. It housed a tweaked iSight camera and the perfect combination of an A7 processor and M7 co-processor built to monitor motion. Apple went from the dark side of colours from black to the lighter gold, space grey, and white colours.

iPhone 5C

Apple’s first-ever plastic iPhone version, the iPhone 5C arrived in a myriad of bright colours like blue, yellow, and green. This device started slow, but ultimately became a bestseller given its lower cost compared to the iPhone 5S which actually launched at the same time. Though as you can expect, it shuns features like the Touch ID and other camera modes.

iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 was a game changer in the Apple iPhone evolution for its significant upgrade from 4 to 4.7 inches, along with presenting an improved version of Touch ID. It supported in-app purchases and NFC functionality, so those iPhone users were allowed to pay for goods and services by simply swiping their handset over a reader at a shop or restaurant.

iPhone 6 Plus

Coined as the first-ever Apple phablet, the company released a super-sized 5.5-inch screen that bordered the tablet range. The iPhone 6 Plus possessed a one-handed mode which made apps within reach, the same high-grade camera, biometric security and health monitoring apps.

What’s New? A Close Look at the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus

Built with the same screen dimensions and Apple design, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus look quite identical to the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. However, they’re significantly enhanced handsets underneath their shell.

The handsets present a better 12 MP camera along with a crystal clear 4K video recording capability, and users are given the option to take animated photos. A 5MP HD front camera allows for superior selfies and a quicker fingerprint security.

Siri has become more helpful, while the low-power mode helps conserve battery life even with a powerful A9 processor. It has a 3D ForceTouch technology which showed an improved, more pressure-sensitive touchscreen that let iPhone owners access key features faster, which meant better interactivity with your device.

iPhone SE

Dubbed as the most powerful phone ever within the 4-inch size category, yet remains to be the cheapest iPhone ever. As a successor to compact iPhone 5C that has been discontinued, the iPhone SE displays major enhancements in both design and features.


The iPhone SE swaps the plastic exterior of the iPhone 5c for a premium build that’s crafted from metal and aluminium construction.


A better front-facing camera delights iPhone SE users with awesome selfies and HD video calls. The 12-megapixel camera complemented by the LivePhotos feature allows capturing motion before and after your photo, bringing snapshots to life. Videos are recorded in 4K which yields clearer and crisper footage, given it’s 4x the resolution of the standard HD.

More Powerful

Equipped with the same powerful processor as the iPhone 6S, the A9, the iPhone SE is highly capable of multi-tasking and handling the most advanced applications and games. The M9 motion-tracking co-processor built on board paves the way for the Health fitness app to help users with their fitness goals. It can accurately track the number of steps you’ve taken as well as the distance you’ve run.

Apple Pay

The iPhone SE is built with the Apple Pay, just like the iPhone 6s, only less the cost. It promotes enhanced security with the Touch ID home button, wherein your iPhone SE can be unlocked only with your very own fingerprint.


A more advanced version of Siri makes it easier to use the voice commands app and be empowered over your iPhone.

Operating System Features

The iPhone SE has the Apple iOS 9.3 version that comes with new features, such as the Night Shift app, a more secure note-taking app, and the widest selection of apps and games.

What Networks Offer iPhone Deals?

Did you know that O2 was initially the exclusive network carrier of iPhones in the UK? This changed during the latter part of the year 2009 when Orange was introduced in the market and thereby attracted networks to join them.

Today, the newest iPhones can be availed from all major sources such as the biggest UK networks including O2 itself, EE, Vodafone, giffgaff, and even the smaller players in the industry who likewise provide the most competitive deals.

How to Get the Best iPhone Deals

iPhones are primarily built for the internet. Hence, it’s best to make certain you take advantage of an iPhone deal offering a generous data allowance for maximum and worry-free use of your handset. You can make the most of your iPhone and experience what Apple has to offer at its finest, without risking getting over your monthly usage limit. mobile phone comparison service is provided by The telecommunications industry is regulated by Ofcom.