3 Mobile

3 mobile3 mobile has a true passion for mobile internet services. For this reason, all of their new headsets come fully equipped, and are internet ready out of the box. What does this mean for users? It simply means you will have internet access at your fingertips, and it means these devices are ideal for browsing the web at the fastest speeds. Whether you want to check a social media post, check a work or personal email, or use Google maps for directions and GPS tracking, you are all set to go with their headsets. Not only does 3 mobile strive to be the top UK provider, but to be the most reliable mobile network around the world as well. With the help of one of the most well known providers, T-mobile, this goal will possibly be reached by 2010, and they are set up to provide coverage to about 98% of the consumer audience base in the UK. Not only does 3 mobile strive to offer exceptional internet connectivity, but also to provide customers with the most texts and minutes usage, for the lowest out of pocket expense to customers. The abomination of mobile rates simply for calling anyone who is on a different network or using a different provider, 3 is making strides towards reducing mobile bills for their customer base. Further, fair roaming rates, alongside free Skype calls to other 3 customers, you can’t ask for much more as a mobile customer to the network provider. With the rich 3G network, you can also expect the fastest browsing rates, alongside a media rich experience. From excellent audio quality for making calls or listening to music, to the video features and internet connections allowing you to talk to others in the manner you see fit, 3 Store is truly making strides in the UK, and offering customers far more than competitor carriers do.