Affordable Mobiles

affordable mobilesAffordable Mobiles, which is a part of the Shebang Distribution network, is one of the largest and top independent mobile phone connectors throughout the UK. The company was initially founded in 2000, and since then they have made it their primary objective to provide the best contract and pay as you go phones, for the lowest out of pocket cost to their customer base. The Affordable Mobiles company also offers the unique and genuine offers to their customers, guaranteeing that their customers (all customers) will receive a free gift wit their new phone purchase. And, this free gift is not going to come along with the endless forms having to be filled out, or having to wait several months for the redemption code to come in, simply for the customer to make use of their free gift. Unlike other carriers, Affordable Mobiles wants to make this free offer truly FREE, and provide it to their customer immediately when they purchase a new device for service. Being a part of the Shebang Distribution network, Affordable Mobiles also has the benefit of being able to provide customers with more service options, which in turn allows them to provide their customer audience with truly affordable rates for their mobile service needs. With competitive deals on the latest handsets which are available on the market, alongside gifts being offered to customers purchasing these handsets, there is no better carrier option than Affordable Mobiles. By having built up and forging a close connection and relationship with major networks and manufacturers, Affordable Mobiles offers more to their customers, for far lower prices than competitors do. This allows the company to bring the very best mobile experience to their customer base, and allows them to continually offer new services, new devices, and of course the lowest rate to their customer.