dialaphoneAlthough when Dialaphone (dial-a-phone) launched its business in 1995 there were only a handful of employees to speak of, today it is one of the biggest online merchants in the mobile phone industry. In fact, it has grown to become one of the biggest web retailers in general, not just the mobile market industry. Being acquired by the 4u group back in 2008, the company now has hundreds of skilled and knowledgeable employees, working to provide customers with the best online shopping experience possible when shopping for any number of mobile products. Dialaphone is one of the leading advertising companies as well. You can see them in newspapers, all across the internet, in magazines, and nearly anywhere else you turn. It has grown so much that it is one of the most visible companies in the UK, in any industry niche. Providing great value for the money, Dialaphone mobile phones offers a wide range of service and product options. Throw in free customer gifts, and you can’t find a better shopping experience than you will with this retailer. With a dedicated customer care interactive site, customers can simply log onto their account, and get the latest information about the order they have placed. Bill management, questions, and any queries you might have, can all be answered through this customer portal as well. Anything you want to know about orders or your account, is available on the interactive site. Dialaphone.co.uk also offers free 48 hour delivery services so you receive orders in no time. Of course this is subject to stock and inventory, so customers should check in on this prior to placing their order. Dialaphone also offers the best and latest deals on pay as you go plans, contracts, and the latest smartphones, from all the top manufacturers and all well known carriers in the UK, giving customers a wide range of options to choose from. For UK mobile customers who follow the news, you might have heard that Dialaphone along with online dealer Phones4U have gone into administration.