ee Everything Everywhere launched by Orange and Tmobile, is the new EE network available to wireless customers in the UK. Designed to serve everyday consumers and business customers, it is the fastest, first 4G wireless network available to those in need of the fastest speeds, from anywhere. Broadband, fixed line fibre, and mobile wireless services are now faster than ever. Typically faster than the traditional 3G network, this new EE network is faster, more reliable, and offers anyone the speeds they require, any time. From home or at work, enjoy the fastest browsing speeds on the web with EE. By 2012, 1/3 of the UKs customer base will be covered by the EE network. Customers can still utilise 3G through Tmobile and Orange networks as well. Being the first in the UK to deliver 4G LTE means faster browsing, and some of the most advanced headsets currently available from top manufacturers. Stream TV, enjoy faster download speeds, and do nearly anything on the web faster with the latest handsets available on the EE network. You can do anything. Enjoy higher quality calls, play high speed interactive games, chat online, or utilise the web in any other way you need it, with the far faster network provide by the EE provider. Combining the largest Tmobile and Orange networks in and of itself is going to mean far better connectivity and call quality. But, with a much larger UK audience having the service, it also means a broader range of services, and the far faster speeds which customers desire on their mobile network. For those who are ready to switch, and want to find the latest headsets, you can find them here. Further, you can compare the best prices for the new headset you purchase for use on the EE network, simply by clicking on the link on this page.