Life Mobile

life mobile As a virtual network provider, Life Mobile offers a variety of plan options for their customers to choose from. And, as it is a virtual network provider which offers services via the EE, customers who sign up with Life Mobile are on the ever popular Tmobile or Orange mobile wireless carrier plans. And, with the fastest 4G LTE, this means far faster web browsing, fewer network interruptions, and the fastest browsing speeds, no matter where customers are using their mobile data plan service. With coverage offered to up to 99% of the UK population, Life Mobile is going to deliver crystal clear call quality. Life Mobile makes it a point to deliver great tariff rates, so their customer is never going to overpay for the service or plan which they choose to sign up for. Further, the company provides the highest level of excellent customer service in the UK, meaning all call centre reps are ready and waiting for any call a customer has, in order to answer a question or to assist them with any issues they might be having with their device or with the carrier package plan the customer has signed up for. Life Mobile was initially established in 2013, and since then has already driven in over 100 K new customers. This is one of the quickest growing providers in the UK, and in less than a two year time span, has also become one of the largest, and most recognized carriers, to customers in all areas in the UK. Throw in the fact that the company also has the latest headset models for their new customers to choose from, all for a reasonable price, and customers are sure to love the great service, customer care, and reliability offered when they choose to go with Life Mobile as their carrier of choice.