talkmobile As a virtual network operator (MVNO), Talkmobile uses the ever popular Vodafone network to provide customers service. What does this mean for you as a customer? Of course great prices, but it also means the crystal clear call quality you desire, when you are choosing a mobile carrier for service options. Talkmobile is also owned by the Carphone Warehouse company, which means customers can find it at any of the many CPW stores nationwide, or they can also visit the online Carphone Warehouse site, in order to find great deals and the latest model headsets being offered for sale as well. Launched back in 2007, the simple plan behind the Talkmobile network was to provide just that. A simple, easy to use mobile plan for any customer, regardless of the product or plan needs they had. Offering only two pay monthly contract options, as well as two pay as you go options, you don’t have to learn all the details or read the fine print. You know exactly what you are going to get when you choose this carrier. With such a diverse customer base and because the company has grown so much in popularity, new customers can always take advantage of great deals and discounts being offered on some of the latest headset models as well, when they choose to go through Talkmobile. With expanding network options, customers can now choose from bundled packages, or different pay as you go options, depending on what their own personal mobile carrier needs are. For those who want straightforward, no guess work, and no surprise bills, look no further than Talkmobile. Throw in the reliable and well known Vodafone network, and Carphone Warehouse, and you won’t find too many carriers which are as reliable, for such a low monthly cost for their service offerings to customers.