What is Befuddled.co.uk?

Befuddled.co.uk is an online comparison and switching service that helps you search and compare a range of products from a wide variety of providers

Price Comparison

Here at Befuddled.co.uk we believe that comparison sites should be about more than just price, so we decided to launch a useful, easy to use service to help you search and compare a range of products from a wide variety of providers. This means we’ll help you find a great deal that best suits your personal circumstances.

We also realise how valuable time is to you, so we’ve made sure that you only need to enter your details once for the product you’d like to compare, then we’ll get on with the searching. Your quotes are displayed within seconds and can be viewed by differing criteria – so all you have to do is choose.

At Befuddled.co.uk we know that nobody works harder to bring you great deals and we follow our core principals to make certain this doesn’t change.

We are continually working to improve and evolve befuddled.co.uk, we will soon be offering more services including Money Comparison and Peer-to-peer Lending.

How does Befuddled.co.uk make money?

Let’s get one thing clear – we want to help you save money.

As a reward for this, we are paid a commission by the service provider when you follow through with a purchase from our website. This ‘commission’ is only paid if you purchase through our website or call the service provider direct quoting the unique reference number we give you. The upshot to quoting this number, alongside us getting paid, is that the service provider will already have all of your details on file. This will save you time and money and allows us to offer you with a free service.