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In today’s market there are literally hundreds of insurance providers and brokers to choose from plus there’s an ever growing number of online comparison services. At we aim to offer independent and impartial advice to them all so you can compare insurance.

We started this site to help UK households save money on their energy, gas and electricity. The quickly grew to include mobile phone, broadband and digital TV packages. We now want to take that further and save you even more money by cutting your insurance costs.


Why compare insurance ?

Many of us have multiple insurances, be that home, car, gadget, travel – the list goes on. However research shows that many of us do not compare insurance renewal prices when they are due. This can often be because we are short on time, for the sake of ease or simply it’s forgotten. You literally should be wasting ££££’s a year in insurance premiums and payments.

You could make big savings on insurance by using price comparison websites, so it’s worth putting in a bit of time to get the best out of them. Remember they’re just showing you prices, not choosing the best product – you don’t have to pick the top result.

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