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Why compare mobile phones and deals with

Use our mobile phone comparison site to compare the best mobile phone deals from a wide selection of UK retailers and networks. Our site is updated on a daily basis so you can enjoy the peace of mind that our mobile phones and deals are always up to date.

Before you compare mobile phones you will need to decide whether you want to opt for a handset only or contract mobiles or just sim only deals. By determining what you want you can save yourself time and money and find phones that are targeted to your needs using our mobile phone comparison tool.

How do I find the best mobile phone deals?

If you are looking for the best mobile phone deals or a more feature-rich handset then you need to determine what sort of features you want so that you can focus on the most suitable handsets. There are new handsets coming out on a regular basis, so make sure that you do your research and decide which of the features available on today’s modern handset is going to suit you so that you can compare mobile phones that offer these features.

Should I look for cheap mobile phones?

With so many cheap mobile phones available these days finding a wide range of offers that will suit your needs and your pocket should not prove to be a big problem. When you are looking for cheap mobile phone deals you need to have an idea of what you are looking for in terms of the handset. You’re sure to find a cheap mobile phone from the most basic handsets to the latest iPhone and Samsung galaxy deals, some even include free gifts.

Thinking about switching your phone?

Our mobile phone guides give you the facts you need so you can make an informed decision when comparing plans online.

These are some of the common questions people have, and answers, so you know what to expect:

  • Can I keep my number?

    Yes, it is very easy. You’ll need a PAC Number (porting authorisation code) from your current provider. Within 2 days they must issue one, otherwise, give a valid reason as to why they aren’t able to. Give the code to the new provider, but keep in mind when you call your current provider for the PAC code, they are likely going to try to convince you and sell you products. If they offer you a new phone, deal, or lower rate, check out to compare prices first, and ensure it really is the best price out there.

  • How long does the transfer take?

    It can take up to 14 days in some cases. But, in most instances, your PAC code transfer only takes a couple days, and in some instances, it can begin working the next day with certain providers. Until it is ready, your new provider will give you a temporary number, simply so you can still have access to a phone.

  • Will service be lost when I switch?

    No, you either get a new SIM or if you have chosen to keep your old number, the new provider will give you a temporary phone number while waiting for the transfer. This allows you to keep services up and running, even if the PAC code takes some time to go through.

  • Can I keep using my handset?

    As long as it is covered by your current provider, the handset which you are currently using can be used upon switching to a new provider as well. Do keep in mind that your current phone, might be locked with the current provider you are with, so unlocking, might cost you more to make the switch.

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