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Compare sim only deals

Why compare sim only deals with

Comparing sim only deals and packages has become popular for many people over recent months, this is because sim only deals can prove far more cost effective than standard mobile phone deals. Sim only deals tend to offer more value for money than mobile contracts, this is because you are paying for only the sim card rather than a new phone. You can look forward to great value as well as increased flexibility, this is why so many people want just a sim these days over a regular mobile contract.

Why choose sim only?

Sim only deals offer a number of excellent benefits for consumers, and many people will find that sim-only will prove to be an ideal choice for them. When you opt for a sim only deal compared to a standard contract you won’t have to get rid of your existing mobile as all you need to do is slip the new sim into your current handset. This is great news for those that are used to their existing handsets as with sim only you get to continue using the handset you are used to. There are also environmental benefits with sim only contracts as you won’t be cluttering up the place with old phones each time you renew your contract.

Another great thing about sim only deal is that tariffs are far more affordable than regular contracts, as well as more flexible. With sim-only you can enjoy opting for a short-term monthly contract or you may prefer longer contracts. Either way, you will find that the prices work out far cheaper because you are not paying for a new phone. You may find that the price of the sim only deal that you choose is similar to a mobile contract but you get more minutes and texts for your money. On the other hand, you may find that you get the same amount of minutes and texts with your sim only but for a far lower price than the standard mobile contracts.

When you compare sim only deals make sure that you have an idea of what your budget is and what you need in terms of minutes and texts. It is also a good idea to have a think about whether you prefer a short-term contract that you are not tied into for lengthy periods or whether you would prefer to go for a longer contract.

What is SIM only?

SIM only is a mobile package of minutes, texts, and data for a monthly cost like to a mobile contract. This works the same as a traditional phone contract except that you do not get a new handset, so the package will usually cost a lot less. sim only deals comparison service is provided by The telecommunications industry is regulated by Ofcom.