Befuddled is a whole of market energy comparison site. We compare energy prices to help people find the cheapest gas and electricity suppliers and cut the cost of their utility bills!

Save on your energy bills

People are saving an average of £300 per year by switching their energy supplier. Make use of our energy comparison and start saving today.

Compare the whole market

Befuddled compare the whole energy market to find you the cheapest prices on gas and electricity from all UK energy suppliers.

Switching made easy

Switching energy suppliers with our service is so simple that it only take a few minutes to compare and switch to a cheaper tariff online.

Compare energy prices and save on your energy bills today!

compare energy prices with our energy comparison toolCompare energy prices and costs now to find the cheapest gas and electricity plans in your area. It only takes a minute to compare and switch and you could save hundreds of pounds a year. Dont accept your energy bills continually being raised. Take advantage of our user-friendly energy comparison tool and save money today.

  • You give us some details about your current energy supplier.
  • We compare the energy market and your results will arrive within 60 seconds.
  • Easily compare the potential savings.
  • Choose the deal which suits you best and switch your supplier today.

Why compare gas and electricity prices?

Comparing gas and electricity prices with befuddled is a simple way to find the cheapest energy tariffs from all uk gas and electricity suppliers. Our gas and electricity comparison site is the ideal way for you to find the lowest rates for gas and electricity. This not only helps customers find the best gas and electricity deals in the local market, but they can also see current rates with competitor suppliers to ensure they find the best possible tariff. Who doesn’t want to cut costs on their gas and electricity bills? This site is the ideal way for you to save on at least a couple expenses you have each month.

How does our energy price comparison work?

Our energy price comparison tool is powered by Energylinx (accredited to the Ofgem Confidence Code). Through this we compare energy prices and suppliers. You can browse the results and select the option that most benefits you.

You can make significant savings just by switching to a more attractive tariff. The best part is that the process of switching is all online, so it shouldn’t take you longer than around five minutes. It’s a quick, easy and hassle free way of getting the best comparisons from a free and impartial source.

You’ll be able to find everything you need on the site to help you with the energy comparison and switching process. You can enter your current supplier and your address to compare energy prices. This will give you a breakdown of all the alternative tariffs and companies in your area.

You need to remember that energy bills often account for a huge household expense. So you need to come up with ways to make savings wherever you can. provide you with the ideal opportunity to do exactly that. Make use of our energy comparison and switching service to compare energy prices and find the best gas, electricity and dual fuel savings for you and your family.

How do energy comparison sites make money? like many other energy comparison sites make money when we find you a new deal on your gas and electricity. Each time consumers compare energy prices and switch their gas or electricity tariff through us, we get paid a small commission, this allows us to offer this service free to you.

Where can I learn about lowering my energy usage and available grants?

There are a number of impartial services that can help:

Energy Saving Guides

Need help lowering your gas and electricity bills? Browse through our helpful energy tips and guides to find the cheapest gas and electricity prices from all uk energy suppliers and keep your costs down.

Compare all UK energy suppliers

* Our energy comparison tool is powered by Energylinx Limited whose registered address is The e-Centre, Cooperage Way Business Village, Alloa, FK10 3LP. Energylinx is a gas and electricity price comparison service fully accredited to the Ofgem Confidence Code.