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Fact. The cheapest energy deals are disappearing fast. We’ve also seen four of the big six increase their prices twice already this year. The result? Leaving millions of consumers facing higher bills. This is why energy switching is so important, using a energy comparison site. So do a five-minute energy comparison – most could save over £250/year.


Compare Energy Prices

We can help you find the right energy tariff for you with our helpful guide.

  • How do energy comparison sites work?
  • What information do I need to compare energy prices?
  • What types of gas and electricity tariffs are available?
  • Can a comparison really save you money?
  • Where can I learn about lowering my energy usage and available grants?

  • Compare energy prices

    Let’s compare energy prices

    Compare Energy PricesCompare energy prices and switch to the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs with our energy comparison site. Before you compare energy prices, you will need to tell us how much energy you use and who supplies it. After a quick search we’ll then show you the best energy deals. All you need do then is choose the plan that suits you and switch energy suppliers online. Yes, it’s really that easy to compare energy prices.

    The best way to save money on your utility bills is by running an energy comparison. Using an energy comparison site, like this, makes the process even simplier. If you have never switched energy before, don’t worry — it is easier than you think to switch suppliers. Once done you’ll ensure you’re on the best energy deal for your home. When your contract comes up for renewal again use an energy comparison site, like, to search again and save you money.

    Don’t forget that our energy comparison site is 100% free. We offer a UK based call centre if you wish to compare energy suppliers over the phone. Finally when you compare energy prices we offer plans and tariffs from many of UK’s leading energy suppliers.

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    How do energy comparison sites work?

    Like many other energy comparison sites we earn a commission when you switch energy suppliers. Each time a customer switches energy suppliers through us, we get paid a small commission. Doing this allows us to offer this energy comparison service and our energy comparison site for free.


    What information do I need to compare energy prices?

    Here’s what you will need to compare energy prices, switch your supplier and start saving today:

    • Your current suppliers name
    • The name of the tariff you are on
    • How much energy you use, either in kWh (kilowatt hours) or pounds
    • How you pay your bills – monthly or quarterly, when they come in or by direct debit
    • Whether you have any special arrangements or facilities such as Economy 7

    All of these details will be listed on a recent gas or electricity bill. You can get a dual fuel (both gas & electricity) quote or compare energy prices and plans separately.

    Don’t forget that gas and electricity is an essential part of home living, and we rely on these every day. Using it is a necessity and because of this it’s important to get the best possible offer. On average our customers save over £250 per year by switching. This makes a big different to your household bills. That’s why we think to compare energy prices is an important task.

    We can help you compare gas and electricity suppliers to find the perfect tariff to suit your needs.

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    What types of gas and electricity tariffs are available?

    There are many different tariffs available such as fixed rate, capped, dual-fuel and green tariffs. These exist alongside the suppliers ‘default’ pricing structure, which is more commonly known at their ‘Standard Variable’ tariff. Find out more in our guide to tariffs.


    Can a comparison really save you money?

    Yes, of course. Comparing prices is now common place for many financial and insurance services. Your household utilities is just another service you should compare at each renewal – remember it could save you money. In fact with gas and electricity prices changing almost quarterly it’s being even more important to compare energy prices.


    Where can I learn about lowering my energy usage and available grants?

    There are a number of impartial services that can help reduce your energy consumption:

    • The Energy Grants Calculator, run by the government, can tell you if you’re entitled to any assistance with your bills. It can also offer assistance and advice on how to make your home more efficient.
    • The Energy Saving Trust can give you tips to reduce your energy bills.
    • The Citizens Advice Bureaux can also help you if you’d like to make a complaint about an energy company.
    • If you have a complaint about your gas or electricity supplier you should first contact your provider or supplier. However if you are not satisfied with the response then you would need to contact Ofgem – the UK energy watchdog.

    If you need help, we’ve got several guides to help answer your questions. These guides can be invaluable when trying to compare energy prices.

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