Energy Saving Ideas

With the ever-rising energy costs, consumers will have to look for ways to save on the cost of gas and electricity. Well, you are in the right place. With our energy saving ideas below we give you a few ways you can consider saving on the electricity bills. Some of these simple ideas only require common sense but are in most cases ignored leading to huge bills. By changing your habits and implementing these simple ideas, your electricity bill will slowly start dropping, and you will begin enjoying paying less.

Make a comparison and switch if necessary

Comparing prices from different energy supply firms will be an excellent way to start saving on energy. We offer a whole of market, Ofgem approved comparison service. Compare energy today and we will help you switch energy suppliers online.

Turn down the thermostat

Turning down your thermostat by just three degrees can go a long way in saving the energy costs. Thermostats emit carbon dioxide that pollutes the environment. Turning down your thermostat will help reduce the emissions making a significant improvement in your home.

Draught proof your home

Draughty windows and doors cause an enormous amount of energy to be lost leading to people turning up their heating systems. This energy costs can easily be saved by fixing the doors and windows. A simple act of hanging a curtain over your door will go a long way in trapping heat inside and preventing the need for an AC system.

Loft Insulation

Getting loft insulation will also help save you some money on your energy bills. Request it from your power Supplier Company or Local authorities at a cheap price.

Consider solar panels

With prices of solar panels going down, you can purchase some and have them installed in your home. They will cost you but will help you save a lot in the long-term. In some cases, you might find yourself selling the energy produced back to the grid and getting some extra cash.

Consider solar water heating

Setting up solar water heating systems can go a long way in helping you save in the long run. Wind turbines, ground generators, and wood fueled heating are also suitable alternatives. Many of these can be expensive to install, but the government has stepped in and offered subsidies.

Have showers instead of baths

A running bath can help you save up to 50% of energy when used in place of a shower. Limit the times you step into your shower for a long hot soak in the winter.

Use energy saving light bulbs

Ensure every room has an energy saving bulb. These use less energy and will help you save in the long run.

Use a smart meter

Smart meters allow you to see how much energy has been used. Currently, there are legislations pushing to have every home have a smart meter. These smart devices will change how you spend your energy helping you save in the long term.

Upgrade your appliances to energy saving models

Purchase electrical items that are energy efficient. Look for the energy efficiency rating next time you buy a freezer, cooker or washing machine.

Make use of the new energy efficient boilers

It may sound too expensive to replace your boiler. However, one can save a lot in the long term in terms of energy usage. The new energy efficient boilers use very minimal power and can go a long way in helping you save.

Keep an eye on the bills

Keep a keen eye on your meter readings and always ask questions in case you think you are being overcharged. You can ask your supplier to assess your bill for any discrepancies. Make good use of their customer services and give them a call in case you need any help regarding your energy bills.