GnERGYSince May of 2014, GnERGY has been an independent supplier in the UK, providing services to a very specific market of customers. It is a company which was set up and is operated by over 200 former Gurkas employees, with an aim to target Nepalese energy consumers in search of a better, lower priced, energy company. The Gurkas and Nepalese military are known for involvement with the British military, have a different option when it comes to choosing an energy supplier. With a little more than 80,000, the Nepalese community is concentrated around the supplier, which is currently situated in Farnsborough, Hampshire. One of the most interesting and distinct services which are offered by GnERGY, is the fact that they are able to deal face to face, with each of their customers. This gives them a more personalized way of dealing with customers, who are searching for better, cleaner, and cheaper energy, from a reliable supplier. Rather than turning up on your desktop or giving you a call on the phone, they will directly reach out to potential customers, and will invite them to visit their head offices. This allows customers to see exactly what they are dealing with, and to decide whether or not GnERGY is the right energy supplier for them energy needs. The UK staff is on hand, and is available 24 hours a day to provide assistance, support, and to answer questions as needed by their customer base. Further, all call centre agents are fluent in English, Nepalese, and Hindi, so you never have to worry about lack of communication or inability to understand their agents.