nPowerNpower is an energy company in the UK developed in the year 1990. Initially known as the National Power, NPower was formed after the state-owned Central Electricity Generating Board was privatized. The company is nowadays a subsidiary of the giant German Company RWE Group. The RWE Group Company that wholly owns the NPower supplies power to more than 3 million people in the United Kingdom. The NPower Company forms part of the ‘Big Six’ Energy supplier companies in The UK. They are the largest suppliers of hydroelectric and wind power in the whole UK. They play a significant role in the provision of renewable energy to the UK. NPower have gone to greater strengths to make their activities more transparent and simpler to their customers. They have four tariffs that suit every customer needs. They offer the following power tariffs: In Control Feel-Good Fix Price Fix Standard variable Their customers can select from the four tariffs depending on their energy requirements. NPower offers its customers an In Control Bundle that comes with an innovative and unique Nest Learning Thermostat. The thermostat is free of charge and is made up of a thermostat and a heating programmer. It acts in the similar manner as most smart devices. It can learn your schedule and then program itself turning on the heat when you’re around and off when you’re away. It is easily controlled from a smartphone, tablet or laptop through a Bluetooth. All this makes energy consumption in any home efficient. The tariffs on this company might not be the cheapest in the market and rarely will they appear on the front page of any search engine. However, this does not mean they don’t present an excellent opportunity for homeowners to consume efficiently their energy. Their tariffs are well suited for the energy-conscious people.