Oink Energy

Oink Energy Since September of 2014, Oink Energy has been providing UK customers with a reliable energy provider. The company’s goal is to provide straightforward solutions, for the straight thinking person. Providing a simplified service and offering one single dual fuel tariff, customers won’t have to continuously guess what their bill is going to look like each month. With “dead simple energy” customers always know what they are paying, and what they are paying for. For those who choose Oink Energy as their supplier, the company has made a few promises to you; among these are: – Every time you call in, you will speak to a named person, and you won’t wait all day, phones are answered within 30 seconds of taking the call. Further, emails are answered the same day as well. – No exit fees, tie-ins or hidden fees when customers sign up with Oink Energy. – When switching to their services, a straightforward process, which is completed online ,allows customers to make the transition quickly and easily from their current energy supplier. Oink Energy strives to ensure all messages of importance are answered and communicated with their customers in a humorous and informative manner. The company wishes to provide a colourful and unique experience to their customers, which is completely unexpected in the energy sector, and something which is completely different than what is provided by competitors in the market.