SWALECSouth Wales Electricity or SWALEC is a gas and electricity supply company in Wales. In 2000, SWALEC was acquired by SSE and has since been renamed SSE SWALEC. SSE is one of the big six energy suppliers in the entire United Kingdom. It currently supplies energy to over 8 million Britons for domestic use. SSE is also the number one generator of renewable energy in the UK. Currently, SSE generates more than 1450MW of hydro-electricity power and over 840MW of wind power. SSE has placed more emphasis on generation of renewable energy and currently is in the process of developing several onshore and offshore wind generation farms to increase their renewable energy output. SSE SWALEC activities are pegged on its six main core values and principles;


SSE ensures that all their activities are conducted in a safe and responsible manner. SSE believes that any accident is preventable and it’s advisable not to undertake an activity if its safety is not assured


Provision of best service is one of SSE core values. SSE strives to always deliver on promises made to customers and be the industry leader in provision of excellent services.


The company always seeks ways to simplify their process and only undertake tasks that will add value to them and not result in money, energy time and resource wastage.


Sustainability is very important to SSE future growth. SSE strives to implement long term ethical growth strategies that also ensure environmental protection.


SSE believes in constantly being better by finding better and innovative ways to undertake their activities.

Team work

SSE is built around the principle of team work to achieve tasks and find innovative solutions. All SSE staff is expected to support each other and work in an open and honest space.